The Vessel Series

Taela is the first book in The Vessel series. It is a YA fantasy with a strong heroine, magic, self-discovery, friendship, love, and danger. You can find it at lulu.comamazon, Barnes and Noble, iBookstore, and my etsy shop.

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A little adventure was all Taela wanted to relieve some of the predictability of her life. When she heard a rumor that the king's city would be attacked, she set out to investigate, bringing her sister along with her. But things did not go as she had hoped. Her sister was captured and in order to attempt a rescue, Taela had to reveal a closely guarded secret involving the crystal she wears. She was quickly learning that her life was about to become anything but predictable

Here is a link to read the first two chapters for free! Taela Chapters 1 and 2 

Sources is the second book in The Vessel series, continuing Taela's adventure!

Taela's city was destroyed and she lost many people she loved, but she cannot give up now. The Sources are waiting for her. She is the Vessel, the legendary being able to use these great gems of power. But first, she must find them. Cryptic clues, dangerous obstacles, and difficult choices are a guarantee in her quest, and she must not forget the sorceress who will try to take everything for her own. If Taela can find a way to believe in herself, she just might succeed in protecting all she holds dear.

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Print version available now on amazon!

Here is a link to read the first two chapters for free!
Sources Ch. 1 & 2

Map of Lanosh

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