Saturday, March 1, 2014

Name Game

The main character in my book Soulless doesn't remember his name. Being a Soulless creature, he has no memory of his life before his soul was taken. He eventually gives himself a replacement name, which is used throughout the rest of the book.

But he actually has no real name. I never gave him one.

Since the book is written from his point of view, we only know what he shares, or is able to share, with us. If he doesn't know something, then neither do we, myself included. True, I'm the author and can do whatever I want. When I first started writing this story, however, I decided that nowhere in the book would the reader learn his real name. So why give him one?

Then I started thinking. What if I let fans of the book choose a name for him? It's either the best idea I've ever had or a huge mistake in the making. Of course, I want suggestions from people who have read the book, because you have to get to know the character first. (If you need to buy a copy, click here) The only way I can think of to monitor this is to make you answer a question about the book in order for me to consider your entries.


If you're interested in participating, fill out the form below and I'll take a look at your ideas! Please be creative. I won't choose Dave or Brian. (No offense, Daves and Brians)

Depending on how many names I receive, I will choose my top favorite (10 or so) and then post them on my blog for voting. The person whose name idea gets the most votes will receive an awesome prize! (to be decided later) Since I have no idea how this will go, I don't know when I will reveal the winner. I'll let you know as time goes along. Sound like a plan?

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  1. My email claims yours is not valid...

    1. That's weird. It's the same address I use for all my book related stuff. Is it possible you missed a letter or something when you typed it in? Please try again! I'm excited to see what names you've come up with!