Saturday, January 30, 2016

Etsy Shop: Round Two

I had an etsy shop a while ago selling my ebooks. It didn't go well, most likely because I was new to the game and didn't have a strategy (or budget) to market it. I still don't have a budget, but I'm giving this etsy thing another shot, this time selling digital art. You might have noticed the pics over on the right side. If not, here they are:

These are available now. Here's the link to my shop, Kacie Creates. I have several more ready to add and many more ideas brimming in my brain. It's been a lot of fun. I just hope it's more successful this time. As an added bonus, when you make a purchase, you'll be given a coupon code for $1 off your next purchase. This expires on Feb. 29. I will be adding more to the selection fairly often. I already have two that just need to be resized/finalized. I'm also open to suggestions and may even do custom pictures if you like my style. You can contact me through my etsy shop or email me at

Last post I mentioned a gift I was making for my nephew. Here it is:

I call him Wobot. His arms can move. :) I also made a couple of superhero masks (Ironman and Hulk), but forgot to take pictures of them. My nephew is only three, so he probably doesn't appreciate the time and effort of homemade gifts, but that's okay. As long as he doesn't destroy them within the first week...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Felt is Fun

Felt is a great material for craftiness. I've made quite a few things over the years, mostly as gifts for children. (Usually when I'm too poor to buy them something, which has been the case for a few years now.) A week or so ago, I made an anime character and posted it on Facebook. It got a lot of positive responses and one friend asked if I sold them. I started to think about going on that adventure. I haven't had much success with selling other things, but it couldn't hurt to try. I don't think I'll focus on specific characters and instead make original ones as to avoid legal issues. I've already got sketches of fairies I want to do. This won't actually be open for business for a while, since I'll want to have a small inventory ready and these take time to make since everything is hand-stitched, but be aware of the future possibility. Here's the anime character I made if you're curious:

If you've heard of One Punch Man, then you might know who he is :)

I'm currently working on a birthday gift for my nephew. A felt robot. It's gonna be adorable!

Saturday, January 16, 2016


I had a thought during my hiatus that I might want to try doing some video posts. Might. I don't really know what they'd be about other than my usual ramblings. And it depends on if I come off as a total goober or not. One idea is to do some cooking or art demonstrations, another is to read from my books. It would be every once in a while, perhaps only for my Super Fans. ??? Anyway, I thought I'd put the idea out there.

I'm finally almost done with my latest round of Day Job, so I can get back to focusing on writing. This round has dragged on for at least an extra month because I didn't have one piece of the project until this past week. What a pain. I love working from home, but this job is getting on my nerves.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

A New Year

I'm baaack! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. I loved spending time with family. Here's a rundown of some of the happenings. On Christmas Eve, we went to my grandma's house. This has been a tradition my entire life. It's become a more simple affair now that the crowd has grown, but it's still fun. For the past several years, we've done a white elephant game. (If you don't know, a white elephant is a gag gift.) My dad reads a story that has us passing gifts to the right and left and at the end, we open whichever gift is in our possession. Good times. Afterward, we headed to my parents' house. There, we opened gifts from mom and dad, (we usually do a sibling gift exchange, but we decided not to this year.) We also let the niece and nephews open their gifts. As I mentioned before my hiatus, I gave my niece some princess pictures. Here's what they look like:

The Merida one is my favorite. My niece has hair pretty much identical to hers, though not as long. I also made her a hopscotch layout out of fabric and felt so she can unfold it and play in the house. My two older nephews got slingshots with little puff balls to sling (all of which I made myself. No pictures, sorry) and a little game I made called The Ham and Cheese Sandwich Game. It's a variation on a game I saw on Pinterest. The youngest nephew got a stuffed turtle (also made by me, also no picture). This was his first Christmas. :) It's so fun to watch them open gifts. For my parents, I crocheted some ear warmers (my dad got a red one with a big U on the side for the U of U, and mom got a Mickey Mouse silhouette) as well as this lovely picture I made on my iPad:

They gave us some gift cards, candy, and a Minnie Mouse oven mitt. They go to Disneyland pretty much every early December and usually get us something while they're there. From my husband's family, I got pajamas, scarves, and a cool blender. I made more ear warmers for several other boy family members and some candle holders out of wine glasses (thanks again, Pinterest!) for the girls. I was busy, but it was fun.

Now, time to get serious. I will finish Foretold this year. I'm disappointed with myself for not getting it done last year. I've had a goal to write and publish at least one book a year, so I need to get back on track. Also, I'm thinking of scaling down my blog posts to once a week, probably Saturdays, except for special occasions. I'm hoping for good things this year with my writing as well as other projects in the early stages of development. I'll get into those later on. Stick with me, people! I need you along for the ride!