Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Signed and Delivered

In the next few months, I'm thinking of purchasing a bunch of my paperbacks so I can sign and sell them myself online. Right now I've only used signed copies for giveaways but I want to offer more. Curious if anyone would be interested in buying signed copies? I use etsy to sell other things right now, but I'd like to see if I can do it directly from my blog. We'll see.

I have a more definite schedule for work now, so I'll be able to spend actual time on writing again. Though I have quite a lot of  Book Three of The Vessel series written, it needs some fine tuning and fleshing out in areas. If you haven't read Taela or Sources yet, I hope you'll give them a try! If you have already, I'd love some reviews on amazon and Goodreads.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Work Overload

My work schedule recently exploded. The hours have been odd, sometimes early (5:00 am), sometimes late (till 2:00 am), which makes for a tired Kacie. I must confess I didn't plan a post. I'm winging it. I haven't been very productive where my writing is concerned, but I hope to find little bits of time to squeeze it in.

Have you checked out my webcomic, Samurai Penguin? It's been getting steady traffic for the past few weeks, which is awesome. Scene Two will be added on Sunday. I'm planning to include another, more simple comic to post between each SP Scene starting Oct 7th. Hope you'll take a look!

Still plenty of time to enter my giveaway, too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What's On?

Fall TV has officially started! Anyone else excited? I always create a list of new shows I want to try (and returning favorites) New ones I'm planning to check out are:

Gracepoint- It stars David Tennant. He's my Doctor! (That's Doctor Who for you non-Whovians)
Forever- I've seen the pilot already. Pretty interesting.
The Flash- Though I prefer Marvel comics, I've enjoyed Arrow, and I think this spin-off looks fun.

Returning favorites:

The Good Wife
Modern Family
The Blacklist

There are many others. I'm a bit of a TV junkie.What's on your list?

Don't forget to enter my giveaway! Entry thingy can be found here.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Giveaway!

My birthday is coming up, so I thought I'd give something away to celebrate! You can enter to win a signed paperback of The Bride! This is for US residents only. Please read the Terms and Conditions. It ends Oct. 23 at 11:59 pm, MDT. Winner will be announced on Oct. 25, which is my birthday. Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another Schedule Change

Now that I'm working to keep my Samurai Penguin series going, (if you missed Scene One, click here) I need to cut out one of my regular blog-posting days. Instead of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, I will now be posting here on Tuesday and Saturday, unless something important comes up. This will also help me while my work schedule is fluctuating, as it currently is.

If you read my previous post, you'll know I've entered an art contest and I'd LOVE some votes! You can go to talenthouse now. And be sure to check out Lindsey Stirling's music. She is awesome!!

I hope to get back on track with Book Three in my Vessel series soon. I've put it on hold for the last couple of weeks to focus on Samurai Penguin, which is a blast itself. Those of you who have read Sources are probably dying to know what happens next! :) Exciting things are coming for Taela and her friends...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Art Contest

Did you notice I changed a few things here? I've moved some of my page links to the top. Pretty snazzy!

I mentioned earlier that I've entered some art contests and I'm hoping you will help me out. The first one is for a poster for Lindsey Stirling's upcoming show in London. The voting for this starts Monday. If you're a regular here, you know I love Lindsey Stirling's music. If you haven't heard any of her songs yet, I STRONGLY encourage you to do so. Here is the poster I created:

I would really appreciate the support. The voting will take place on talenthouse.com

Also, don't forget that the debut of Samurai Penguin is tomorrow! It will be awesome!

Have a fun weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ideas that Don't Work (At Least Not Yet)

**warning: this post contains mild complaining and an attitude leaning toward discouragement**

I hate to admit it, but I've become rather pessimistic in the last couple of years. Much of it has to do with hoping for or expecting things to happen and facing the disappointment when things go a different, and often disastrous, direction. I do my best to keep trying, but it gets frustrating after a while. One of the things I find discouraging is the ideas I come up with to engage readers, yet I can't seem to catch their attention. I'm not blaming any of you who read this blog. I know most of the problem is my lack of visibility to the masses. I don't have the money to aggressively promote myself yet. I've started a number of things to hopefully get some feedback or participation from anyone out there. My Name Game has had very few entries. Is that because not many people have read Soulless? Or is it just because the info hasn't gotten to the readers? I have no idea. My Quote Game on Facebook has been doing okay. (Don't get me started on the scam FB is pulling by withholding posts from people who have liked my page.) Now I have my Super Fan idea in action. I'm crossing my fingers that this will generate some great interaction. I guess what I'm trying to get across is, I don't really know what to do. What gets readers excited? What can I do to grab your attention or seek out new readers? Any ideas would be appreciated. Sorry for the doom and gloom attitude. I'm going to keep writing books no matter what, but it would certainly be nice to find people to read them and be involved along the way.

End of complaining.

Sunday is the first day of Samurai Penguin on my other blog. I hope you'll stop by and check it out. Yippie!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Samurai Penguin, Coming Soon!

I've created a temporary blog to host my web comic until my hubby and I can get our new website up and running. You can find it at www.samuraipenguincomics.blogspot.com. Right now, there's not much to see there. I plan to post the first "page" on the 14th of September and continue to add new ones on the 14th and 28th of each month. I've got the first six done (or almost done). I hope to get a bunch more done so I always have some ready. I'm really stoked about this. I've never been big on comics, but when I had this idea, I knew it would work best as a comic. I'm still learning a lot about creating this type of art and will continue to improve as I go along. I hope you'll give it a chance when it's ready!

FYI, I've entered some art contests on talenthouse.com and will be politely asking for your support (and by that, I mean votes) in the coming weeks to help me win! I'd really appreciate the help!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Here Come the Super Fans!

If you didn't read my previous post about this big idea I had, please take a moment to check it out first

Done? Okay. I've created a page on my blog with the details on how to join my Super Fan mailing list. You can find it on the right side of the blog. (Or you can click here.) Follow the simple instructions and we'll get this party started! The first fun thing will probably take place in Oct, allowing for some time for people to join. My birthday is on Oct 25, so it will most likely be around that time. I'm excited to try this out!

On Tuesday, I'll have some news about my web comic, Samurai Penguin. If you're interested in that, make sure you stop by then.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Where Did They Go?

I've been noticing a steady decrease in views to my blog and I'm not sure why. I'm guessing some of it has to do with the problems caused by Facebook in recent weeks. I've used FB to get the word out about new blog posts to those who follow both, but since FB no longer seems willing to share those posts with people who actually took the time to like my page, they probably aren't getting the updates. It's a frustrating thing when you're trying to stay in touch with readers and trying to find new ones. I'm always looking for new ways to accomplish this, especially if I can't rely on FB anymore. I hope you read my post about my Super Fan idea. I think it's a great idea, but it won't work if no one knows about it. I will have more details about it on Saturday, including a way to join. I really appreciate those of you who stick with me. Remember, I routinely write blog posts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so if you don't see a link on FB, please stop by on your own. And tell a friend. :)

I could also really use some more reviews on amazon and goodreads. They help snatch the attention of potential readers.

I've added some of my books to google play. They're available there now.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What If ...? Part Four

Let's finish off my movie cast list (for now) with a few characters from Sources. I'll include most previous characters, but only include links for the new ones. You'll have to go here for the other links. Here we go!

Taela- Dakota Blue Richards
Logan- Aidan Turner
Ravis- Nicholas Hoult
Lienda- Peyton List
Zeld- Cate Blanchett
Malcolm- Mark Addy
Tobin- Donald Sumpter
Ayriel- Mackenzie Foy
Lord Upton- Robert Hardy
Royden- Max Charles
Shiva (voice)- Kate Winslet
Claus- Michael Sheen
Joah- Minnie Driver
Hobbs- Anthony Hopkins
Diom Cum- Michael Gambon
Brun'don- Malcolm McDowell
Mort'sen- David Tennant
Fin'bog- Hugh Laurie
Ghant-sha- Patrick Stewart
Adusa- Helen Mirren
Re'ner- Jude Law
Saris- Gemma Arterton

Did I miss anyone? Hope you've enjoyed these. I'll do this again when more of my books are published.

I've got five audio chapters of The Bride on soundcloud now. You can download them for free! I think they sound pretty good for an amateur.

My web comic is coming along nicely as well. I won't have my new website up this month like I thought, but I'll find another way to share it in the meantime, so stay tuned if you're interested.