Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Making Presents

It looks like this year will be another year for homemade presents. I'm totally fine with that, since I was planning to do art stuff for some people anyway. My niece will be getting Disney princess art to hang in her room. I'm going to try to get started on them this week, as well as a few other projects for friends/neighbors. Dollar store, here I come! Seriously, I saw a really cute idea on Pinterest that I'm going to make. I won't say more than that. I'm super glad I have some art and craft talent, otherwise I'd have nothing to give. Being poor is hard, especially around the holidays, when I would love nothing more than to buy something fantastic to give my husband and family members. I know the source of the gift doesn't matter as much as the meaning behind it. And I'm not so destitute that I'm starving or homeless. I don't mean to trivialize those who are seriously struggling. Everyone has financial problems at some point. I just hope our turn doesn't last forever.

My poll will be up for at least another week, perhaps till the end of the month. Please help a poor gal out! :)

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