Saturday, January 23, 2016

Felt is Fun

Felt is a great material for craftiness. I've made quite a few things over the years, mostly as gifts for children. (Usually when I'm too poor to buy them something, which has been the case for a few years now.) A week or so ago, I made an anime character and posted it on Facebook. It got a lot of positive responses and one friend asked if I sold them. I started to think about going on that adventure. I haven't had much success with selling other things, but it couldn't hurt to try. I don't think I'll focus on specific characters and instead make original ones as to avoid legal issues. I've already got sketches of fairies I want to do. This won't actually be open for business for a while, since I'll want to have a small inventory ready and these take time to make since everything is hand-stitched, but be aware of the future possibility. Here's the anime character I made if you're curious:

If you've heard of One Punch Man, then you might know who he is :)

I'm currently working on a birthday gift for my nephew. A felt robot. It's gonna be adorable!

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