Saturday, February 20, 2016


I FINALLY got the new Enya album this week. I had hoped to get it for Christmas, but our tiny budget allowed my husband and me to get each other nothing. Anyway, I've been listening to it pretty much nonstop and I love it (as expected). My favorite song by far is Echoes in Rain. Here is the video on YouTube. It is a quintessential Enya song. I repeat it at least four times when it comes around. I really love her voice and the soothing melodies she creates. She is magical. Sometimes when I write and envision what certain scenes would look like, I listen to her music. If any of my books were ever made into a movie, I would absolutely love it if she did at least one song. Sigh...

Have you entered my art giveaway yet? I'm so impressed with the number of entries. I did a lot of promoting on other websites, which has helped immensely. Thanks to all who've participated so far. I've decided that I will be offering a coupon code to all the non-winners. Hopefully you like my art enough to buy it. I'll keep adding new stuff, too. I have a good feeling about my shop. I just need to find that elusive something that gets it in front of the right people. Word of mouth helps too :)

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