Saturday, March 19, 2016

Easter Special

I finished a picture of Jesus last year and gave a copy to my husband's grandparents for Christmas. After starting my etsy shop, I hadn't really intended on adding it to my shop. I still probably won't, yet I thought about sharing it somehow anyway. With Easter nearly here, I had an idea. I want people to join my etsy shop email list, so why not offer the picture for free to those who join? I'm doing just that. From now until March 22, I will send a digital file of this picture to those who join the list. The same copyright rules apply- print only once, no copying, distributing, selling, or changing. The size will be 5625x4500, with a dpi of 300, jpg file. The picture will be sent out on March 23 through your email, which I will have once you join :) See how that works?

Here's where you join-

Here's the picture:

Of course yours won't have the watermarks. I'm getting one printed for myself. I found an online printer that I like called I recommend checking them out.

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