Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Name That Title!

I had a title for Book Three picked out years ago and I was fairly happy with it, but over the last several months, I started liking it less and less. I won't tell you what it was. I have to have some secrets, right? Since then, I've jotted down many other possibilities. The list has reached close to fifty choices. Some I liked more than others and will probably find a home as chapter titles. The one I decided on was actually going to be the name of Taela's magical persona, but I decided to go with Vessel instead. I guess I always knew I would use it for something else, but you'll have to wait for the book to find out what it now references. :)

Are you ready to find out what it is? Really? Would you be mad if I scrambled the letters and made you figure it out yourself? Okay, I won't be that mean.

The title for The Vessel: Book Three is...


Let that sink in. I'll be sharing the blurb and cover pic in the near-ish future.

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