Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Traditions, Or Lack Thereof

Growing up, our family had several holiday traditions that I think back on fondly. We still do a few, but with all the kids married and living in various parts of Utah, it's harder to keep them up. My husband and I have not officially started any traditions yet. We've tried a couple of things, but not much has stuck. We've been married for five years and don't have children yet, so maybe we're waiting for the kiddos to come before settling on any traditions. We are, however, planning to make some Christmas sugar cookies next week. We'll give some to friends/neighbors and eat the rest. :) Do you have any fun ideas for a young-ish married couple to do during the Christmas season? Keep in mind that we are excessively poor, so things that cost little or no money would be best. Thanks!

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