Saturday, April 30, 2016


My artwork has improved greatly over the years, but it's still not where I want it. There are things I struggle with and other things I stay away from as much as possible, especially trying to do faces from my own imagination. Of course, the only way to overcome these struggles is to practice. My hubby purchased some art tutorials a few years ago and has encouraged me to go through them so I can eventually get where I want to be. So far, it's been the basics, things I already know, but it's good to practice them anyway so I feel more comfortable and have a better footing for the harder things to come. I hope to open up a patreon account in the near future and see where that takes me. (If you aren't familiar with patreon, it's a site that allows artists/creators of every kind to showcase their work while supportive viewers contribute money for added rewards/exclusive content.) I'm not expecting to make big bucks there, (though some artists make a killing) but anything more than what I'm earning now would be awesome. Note: my current earnings from art is pretty much bupkis. Wish me luck!

If you still need a Mother's Day gift, you can use my etsy coupon code for 30% off when you spend at least $10. The sale ends on the 6th. The code is MOMSAVE. I've got great pictures that any mom would love!

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