Saturday, July 19, 2014

Contest For Kacie!


I've entered a contest on, creating soundtracks for chapters of Hugh Howey's book Half Way Home. The more people who read/listen to my creations and rate it with lots of stars, the better chance I have of winning! If you like me even just a little, would you consider helping me out? You can download the booktrack reader app and read/listen from there, (go here for those links) or you can follow this link. (Second link might not work on phones and tablets, so you'll need to use a computer.) Just type "Kacie Taylor" in the search bar once you get there and check out what I've done! I plan to add more over the next week, so keep coming back. You can also read/listen to the first chapter of both The Bride and Taela. It's been fun to do and I hope to use booktrack for all my books.

Thanks for helping!!

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