Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Geekiness Is Showing: Round Two

A while back, I posted some pics of fictional characters from the vast Geek Universe that I plan to use in an ABC book for my future kids. (You can see them here.) At the time I only had a few done. Now I have most of them done. Here are some more examples.

There are two pictures for each letter (that's why some just say ...and so-and-so).

To further illustrate my tendency towards the geek end of things, I recently started reading a lot of manga. If you don't know what manga is, it is essentially Japanese comics. Of course, what I read is translated into English. I like the sweet, sappy romances (usually categorized as shoujo). Some are short, some are long. My favorites include Strobe Edge, Wild Wing, Home, Kanata Kara, Nise no Chigiri, and Kingyo Sou. One on my list to-read is Kimi ni Todoke. I've already watched the anime and the live action movie, both of which are excellent. Now that I'm hooked, I think I want try including manga as a way to share my stories. If you read my Samurai Penguin webcomic, you'll know I'm not the best at comic style art. I think I'm getting better, but if I want to pursue manga, I'm going to need a lot of practice. I have some tutorials at my disposal, which should help get me started. So that's a new goal I have.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway. It ends soon. So far, I only hear crickets. I guess people don't want an amazon gift card. That's okay, I'll use it myself. :)

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