Tuesday, October 27, 2015


One of my bestest friends texted me yesterday to tell me that she finished reading Taela and that she loved it! I know she had been meaning to read it since it came out and finally was able to. She's going to start Sources soon. I feel so happy knowing that my hard work is actually worth it, because there are times when I'm less certain. Sales are not great, but I don't expect them to be until I can financially do more to spread the word. Of course, I love it when my few loyal fans help me out. Something as simple as mentioning one of my books or my blog could potentially bring another awesome fan. I want to do fun things with my fans. I haven't done a Super Fan activity in a while, but I will get back on track soon. I have an idea that I think could be fun, but I'll wait a bit longer before mentioning it.

By the way, with Christmas coming up, you could start thinking of friends and family who enjoy reading...

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