Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Impressions

I'm back! Did you miss me? Better yet, did you realize I was gone? I was able to get a lot done last week during my hiatus, though I actually spent most of the time finishing up my latest order for work. Now it's time to get back to the moving business. We're about halfway through our small stuff. The big stuff will make the short journey next weekend. Since we're not selling our place right away, we're not in a huge rush to move EVERYTHING at this point. Once all the essentials are at the new place, we can come back and forth to finish the job over the next several weeks. We have a buyer lined up, but things won't happen until September, which is fine because there are still some renovations we need to finish up. Anyway....

If you're one of my loyal readers (I think there are a few of you) then you're aware of my plans to create a web comic. I've already completed three sizable pages-worth, one page per post, that will likely officially start sometime in September. The basic setting is an adventure/fantasy in an alternate earth-like world, centered on a country that is highly influenced by Japanese history, culture, language, etc. I want to make it clear that this is NOT Japan. I'm drawing a lot from the samurai culture, but there will be differences to accommodate my own style and plot ideas. And there will be magic, because magic is cool. Oh, and all the characters are animals. Talking animals, so you can see that the reality factor is pretty minimal. Not Japan.

Sorry about that. My hubby was a little concerned that some people might feel the need to complain about the obvious deviations from true Japanese history. Now that we're all aware that it isn't meant to be true Japanese history, we can move on. I've posted a sample of the main character, Kuroshiro, which has evolved from the pic I have on my T-shirt/accessory shop. I've hand drawn all my pictures thus far and then scanned them to my iPad, where I use my favorite art app to do the coloring. This particular sample has some additional arting for some flare. I would love some feedback, as long as it is constructive. If you hate it and just want to bad mouth it, I will delete your comment. We play nicely here. And I want to make you aware that this my first attempt at anything remotely close to a comic, so I'm still improving.

Oh, and don't forget that Cover Reveal Day for Sources is on Saturday!! I like this cover even more than the one for Taela. Here's hoping you do too!

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