Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #49

Last list was about the good that comes with Facebook. This week's is about the bad. Most of these are common pet peeves concerning FB. We've probably all seen or experienced all of these, or perhaps we're guilty of committing them. If the latter is true, please don't take offense. I don't imagine any of them will change or go away, so it's best to ignore or avoid as best as we can.

Today's Topic: The Bad that Comes With Facebook (no particular order)

10. The game requests. I get a bunch of these every week. I DON'T want to play candy crush or FarmVille or whatever the latest fad is.
9. Excessive photos of who-cares-what. One or two is usually enough. Sometimes none is better.
8. The vague post of emotional mystery. Are we really supposed to drag the story out of you?
7. The sports updates. Either I'm not watching that particular game because I don't care or I'm unable to watch until later and you're spoiling it for me. Thanks.
6. The comments. This was on my other list, but this time it's for a different reason. Why the harshness and hate? If you disagree with someone, you don't have to ridicule or spew foulness at them. We have enough of that in our world already.
5. Friend request from someone I don't know. It has happened only a couple of times, so it's not a huge deal.
4. TMI. Please reconsider posting something most normal people in the world don't need or want to know. This includes personal info that should have been sent via private message instead of being posted on someone's wall.
3. Along with the negative comments, I don't particularly like the memes that make fun of people. How would I like it if someone took one of my pictures and plastered it with something cruel? No thanks.
2. The addiction. I check FB regularly throughout the day, but I don't think I do it excessively. I've heard of people that are so engrossed with it that they can't leave the house without knowing what so-and-so is doing or is posting. Most people are not that important. I know I'm not.
1. It's the Anti-social Social Network. Sure, it makes it easy to stay in touch with people across the country or on the other side of the world, but what about the friend who lives down the street? We send them a FB message instead of talking to them face-to-face. Or we ignore the person sitting right next us because we're reading someone else's posts. I'm totally guilty of this. I'm not big on being social. I'm a shy person by nature and it's much easier for me to write to someone rather than talk to them. I don't know if I'll ever be able to change this for myself. Something to think about.

On another note, I'm soooooo pleased with the participation for my giveaway! I had hoped to at least double the four entries I've received in past giveaways. I never imagined it would reach 200+. Granted, I did advertise this one more, which brought in people who would otherwise have had no idea it was happening. I'm so pleased, in fact, that I've decided to pick TWO winners! That's right, two hourglass pendant prizes. Winners will be notified tomorrow and announced on Thursday if they have met the requirements. Time is almost up! Only a few more hours to go!

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  1. I agree with all of the above (and I hope I'm not guilty of any of them). I unfriended someone recently because she sent me one too many game requests. Here are some pet peeves of mine:
    1. Incorrect grammar and spelling. First, it kills me that people with a decent education don't know how to spell or construct correct sentences. Second, do they not know what that red squiggly line under the misspelled word means??
    2. Emotionally needy posts. These come from the people who post all their life's problems and complaints and then expect the sympathy to pour in... “I have a runny nose!!! Can someone watch my kids today???”
    3. I know I'm going to sound like a horrible person, but I'm getting tired of all the "my child is dying so I'm writing an emotional blog about every minute of it, and all your Facebook friends click 'like' so you have to see my posts all day." What I find ironic about those blogs/posts is that they often plead with people to get off the computer and spend time with their loved ones, but they are encouraging the opposite of that by publicizing their story in the first place.