Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Little Breakthrough

If you're a regular, you've seen me mention that a sizable portion of Foretold is written. I thought getting through the rest would be a breeze. NOT SO! The already-written part was done years ago and now that I'm going over it again, I'm not super happy with it. Then an idea came. I'm taking a plot point that was going to appear in book four and putting it in book three. I think it's one of the best ideas I've had for one of my books. It was actually going to be the majority of book four, yet I had a feeling it wasn't really strong enough to carry the whole book. Now I think it will work perfectly. I already have a few ideas for book four to replace this one. If things continue to run smoothly (knock on wood) then I think I could be finished by mid February. I'm expecting more hours from work in the next couple of weeks, but hopefully that won't slow me down too much. Time to write!

If you didn't know, I created a new website for my webcomic, Samurai Penguin. You should go take a look at the fancy newness and catch up on any Scenes you've missed. Scene Seven will be up on Jan. 21.

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