Tuesday, April 21, 2015


One of my favorite places to shop at here in Utah is the DI, aka Deseret Industries. Our beloved thrift stores. There are several throughout the state, and even some in a few other states. I live between two in my area. I go there mostly for clothes, but find other treasures as well. I was there yesterday looking for some t-shirts to refashion when I stumbled upon some yarn. I can crochet, but only in its simplest form. Grinning like a dope, I scooped up all the yarn and took it home. (7 skeins for $5?! Heck, yeah.) Now, it could be stated that I have unique tastes in colors and color combos. The skeins are a mix and include orange, beige, and dark brown. A couple have green as well. Some people (my husband) might refer to these as "Grandma Colors", to which I say NAY! Well, maybe they are a little. Anyway, I've started to make a simple shrug type thing. When it's finished, I'll post a pic. Some day I may even learn to do stitches other than singles and doubles. :)

Only a few more days until Super Fan fun #2!

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