Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fun and Names!

Next Saturday is the second Super Fan fun day! Members will be getting a small peek at my next stand alone book. It's easy to join and you get all the benefits! I simply get the satisfaction of knowing people actually care.

I've gotten back to working a bit more on Foretold, but I won't be getting much of a break between job orders like I usually do. I'll try to get a bunch done before I start working again. I'm also getting a head start on the stand alone I mentioned above, getting names and places sorted out. Naming characters is really fun, but can also be frustrating when I can't find a name that fits right. I often pick names that have a particular meaning to go along with the character's personality or some other aspect of the story. For example, Callia from The Bride means 'beautiful' in Greek. Sometimes I just make up a name with worrying about a meaning. Those are usually the most fun.

Also, don't forget to offer any suggestions for small changes to The Bride if you have any. I'll be submitting the manuscript in the next few weeks.

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