Saturday, March 14, 2015

An Update

Last post was about my struggle and setback with insomnia. Here's what I think happened. When I started my new vitamin/herbal stuff routine, I also included honey, which is widely believed to be beneficial in all sorts of areas, including sleep. During the week of success, we were using a brand of honey that seemed to be part of that success. It ran out, so hubby bought something new. A local, raw,  organic, blah blah honey. Sounds like it should be pretty healthy/awesome stuff, right? However, that is exactly when things started to regress. The new honey was the only thing that was different, but I didn't think of it right away. On day three of horrible no sleep, I used some honey crystals we had stashed away in our pantry instead. (Not sure why we had them, but whatever.) That night, I actually got some decent sleep. The next day, hubby bought the previous brand of honey and now things are much better. As I mentioned before, I don't react well with certain types of medication. I never thought that would include honey. Maybe the raw/organic stuff isn't as awesome as people think. At least for weirdos like me. Anyway, I'm doing better and hope my insomnia is at least under control for now.

Yay for sleep!

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