Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Trying to Slay the Insomnia Dragon

For several years, I've struggled with insomnia. At least once a week, sometimes nights in a rows. I can't fall asleep. The longest I've gone without more than a few hours of sleep is four nights. Even on non-insomnia nights, I wake up often and sometimes can't fall back asleep. I've tried meditation, breathing excercises, and a few other weird things. (Including a bizarre mat laden with tiny plastic spikes. Don't ask.) None of them helped. And I refuse to take medication, especially anything that has the potential for addiction. Besides, most don't work for me anyway. I can take something that knocks a "normal" person out cold, but for me it either does nothing or makes me edgy.

About three weeks ago, I started taking some vitamins and herbal supplement stuff in the hopes that they would help. After a few days, I found myself able to fall asleep with relative ease. It was wonderful. I would still wake up a few times each night, but I could fall back asleep without too much trouble. I thought I had found my miracle. The past two nights, I've regressed. Not sure why. Maybe I just need to adjust a thing or two, or increase my intake a bit. The trial and error part is necessary, but can be so taxing. I've looked into essential oils and think I could give some of those a try, though I've used some for other situations without much luck. It's so frustrating. If anyone has any suggestions for things that have worked for you or someone you know, please leave a comment. I would love a goodnight's sleep.

Next idea up for consideration: acupressure.

I think I'm going to wait till next Tuesday to open my shop. I need some packaging supplies and don't often have the car. I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

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