Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ooooh, More Book Ideas

I've written before about the ways I get ideas for new books (dreams, names, pictures, etc.) As I was reading about an anime I might start watching, a new idea struck me. I love when this happens. I get a special thrill when a character or setting forms in my brain. Of all the dozens of ideas I have, I know most will probably never become more than a simple outline, which makes me sad, but it just isn't feasible to write them all. It will be difficult to chose the ones that will make the cut, and hopefully my wonderful readers will like the ones I provide. More importantly, I hope that I can focus enough to finish what I'm already working on. :)

Speaking of book ideas....

I think I've decided on my next writing project. In a vote I conducted a while ago, the majority of people wanted me to do a new stand alone. For those of you who have joined my Super Fan club, you will have the fun privilege of being the first to get a description of the plot. I will be sharing this on April 25. Come join the club if you haven't already!

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