Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Here's Some Rambling

I've been trying to think of something to write, but my mind isn't cooperating. If my life were more exciting, I might not have this problem. Then again, if that were the case I might be too busy to write at all. Here's something. I am scrabbling to get the next scene of Samurai Penguin finished before Thursday. I kinda put it off for too long. After this next scene, I'll be taking a little break for a couple months, mostly so I can replenish my scene inventory. Have any of you been keeping up Kuroshiro? Working on this webcomic has got me thinking about other stories I could transform into a webcomic. It takes far more work than I initially thought. Unfortunately, unless I start making more money with my writing, I'll have to keep my regular job, which won't allow me to pursue other webcomics right now. Maybe someday...

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