Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fun With Cars 2

You know how much I love cars. If you need a reminder, you can go here. Our dear Jimmy has had a bad transmission for a while and we've been waiting for it to take its last breath. Well, yesterday it came close. As we were cruising down the freeway, on our way to my parents' house for Memorial Day fun, the car suddenly felt like it was stalling. Luckily hubby was driving, because I probably would've freaked out. More. We were able to continue, but couldn't excelerate more than 60 mph. We managed to get to our destination and back home again. (About 45 miles each way) We didn't take the freeway home, which meant an extra 50 or so minutes. We don't dare drive more than 50 mph with it right now. Unfortunately, we don't quite have the money to a) fix it, or b) get a new car. We do have a second car, but my in-laws are using it, and it happens to be on the fritz right now as well. Hopefully Jimmy will live on until we can get the money for whatever we decide. And here I was thinking we'd be able to pay off some debts with upcoming money. Hahaha! Silly me!

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