Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer Fun

In my neck of the woods, there are some fun attractions that are owned by the same company- two water parks and a couple of fun centers that have mini golf, laser tag, etc. Though I've lived in Utah my entire life, I've never been to these particular water parks. A couple of days ago, we scored some season passes at a huge discount that will give us full access to each of these places, as well as free/discounted admittance to other places in the area, like a movie theater, an outdoor play theater, and sporting events. I'm pretty excited to put the pass to use. Summer fun, here I come!

Speaking of summer fun, I have set a goal for myself to finish Foretold by the end of August. I've been a real slacker and I need to get busy. I'm also going to start thinking of another giveaway to do, so stay tuned!

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