Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pages and Pages

Whenever I get a new book idea, I have to write it down quickly or I will forget about it. I usually have a notebook or my iPad handy, but I've been known to write in the spaces of a Sudoku puzzle or word search. I recently went through a box of piano music and found a notebook with several pages of hastily scribbled book ideas. I love finding treasures like this. Some of them I remember writing, others are a pleasant surprise. There's one online that I've been thinking about in the last month or so, but I can't find where I wrote it down. I can remeber bits of it, but not enough to rewrite it word for word. I may have to just start from scratch, using the parts I remember along the way. There are still a couple of places I can look for the original since we haven't unpacked EVERYTHING from our move almost a year ago. Wish me luck!

Invitations for Super Fan fun #3 have been sent out. You can still get one of your own if you join before June 30!

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