Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #46

I hurt myself. I was helping clear out some old food storage at my husband's grandparents' house on Saturday and while I was lifting a heavy box, my back gave out. I know, you're supposed to lift with your legs, but apparently I wasn't being careful enough. Pinched nerve = no fun. I've been taking it easy since and am feeling better now. My hubby has been taking good care of me.

Summer is nearly here. There are many things I like about summer, and some things I don't like. The heat, for example. Doubly so because our air conditioning has been broken for the past year. We finally have some money to get it replaced. Some cool dudes (get it? Cool?) came this morning to assess our needs and they will be installing a replacement in a few hours! It is cause for celebration. Back to summer . . .

Today's Topic: Things I Like/Don't Like About Summer (five for each)

10. Sunshine
9. Vacations (if we could afford them)
8. Fourth of July parties with family (usually one at my grandma's and one at my parents')
7. Summer TV shows. Looking forward to more Rizzoli and Isles and Major Crimes.
6. Showing off my blindingly white skin. I don't tan. I burn. Sunscreen is a must.
Don't Like
5. Heat
4. Bugs
3. The sound of lawn mowers at 7:00 am
2. Sunburns. See #6. I've had some doozies.
1. Swimming. I can't swim. I have a mild fear of water. Hubby intends to remedy that. Well see.

When I worked at three different schools for 11 years, I longed for summer vacation. Now that I work from home, summer has lost some of its appeal. My work is part time, which means I usually have 2-3 months of downtime between "orders", so I shouldn't complain. You'd think I'd have all sorts of books written with that much time on my hands, but I find new and inventive ways to procrastinate. It's one of my many talents.

Speaking of procrastination, Name Game, anyone? :)

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