Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #48

Sorry this is later than usual. I had to work this morning, and then I got sidetracked by Facebook. Ah, Facebook. It is a double-edged sword. The good cometh with the bad, as in most things. Let's focus on the good for now, shall we?

Today's Topic: Why I Enjoy Facebook (no particular order)

10. Keeping in touch with friends. With friends and family living all over the country, it's a great way to remain a part of their lives.
9. Letting people know what's happening in my life. Sure, I'm not all that interesting, but there has to be a few people who read what I post.
8. The comments. Sometimes reading peoples' comments is like watching a movie, sometimes hilarious, sometimes dramatic, sometimes frightening.
7. News/updates. I "like" certain pages to keep up with what's happening, whether it's a TV show (Doctor Who) or a certain favorite vacation spot (Disneyland).
6. Contests/sweepstakes. I enter many.
5. Using it as a tool for promoting my books. I'm still trying to improve this aspect.
4. Pictures. Like #1, it's great to see pictures of friends and family. Some more than others :)
3. Real news. I don't watch news on TV, so I usually rely on the internet to learn about what's happening in the world. I follow some local news pages for this reason.
2. Some games. There are only a few I play that use my FB login info.
1. This might sound lame, but FB was one if the ways that hubby and I communicated while we were dating. I still have all our "conversations". It's fun to be able to back and read them.

I've been working on my web comic for the past few days. The artwork is going surprisingly well, so far. Though I don't plan to have it up and running until September or so, I'm determined to have a bunch of pages ready in advance, otherwise I won't be able to keep up. I'm not sure how often I'll post a page. There are many things that need to be figured out. I hope you'll come check it out, though. I might even share some teaser pics in the near future...

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