Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #47

Last week's list was about summer. Today's will be as well. I don't usually make many plans during the summer, mostly because we don't have a lot money and because my hubby still works normal hours. However, there are things I'm going to do this summer and things I'd like to do. This list is in no particular order.

Today's Topic: Things I Will Do or Want to Do This Summer

10. Camping. My family used to go every year when I was growing up. I'm not a huge fan of it now because I have a hard time sleeping, but we're going in July!
9. Water park. This is a maybe. If you remember from my previous list, I can't swim.
8. Amusement park. We have one in Utah--Lagoon. I haven't been there in many years. We'll see...
7. Festival of some kind. There are several throughout the summer around where I live, so there's a good chance we'll hit at least one.
6. Be crafty. I love making stuff and I have a bunch of ideas from Pinterest just waiting for me.
5. Visit a garage sale, flea market, swap meet. It's fun to find unexpected treasures.
4. See some summer movies. Uh, what's coming out soon?
3. Not get sunburned!
2. Make improvements to our condo...
1. Because we're moving! That's right. There's a whole big story for this, so I'll try to be brief. Some family members need some extra help with day to day chores and yard work so hubby and I are moving into the basement to help out. We, in turn, will be able to live there at low cost so we can start saving more money. (Yay!) Long term plan is for us to eventually buy the place. We'll move this summer and fix up our condo real nice in the meantime and hopefully sell it around September. It's exciting and a little nerve wracking, but we think it will be good for everyone involved.

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