Thursday, August 28, 2014

What If...? Part Three

Who would I pick to be the perfect cast for the movie of Taela? Let's find out!

Taela- Dakota Blue Richards
Logan- Aidan Turner
Ravis- Nicholas Hoult
Lienda- Peyton List
Zeld- Cate Blanchett
Malcolm- Mark Addy
Tobin- Donald Sumpter
Ayriel- Mackenzie Foy
Lord Upton- Robert Hardy
Royden- Max Charles
Dirrah- Maggie Smith
Kerf- Bill Nighy
Shiva (voice)- Kate Winslet
Leshy chieftain- Benedict Cumberbatch

Lots of Brits this time, but I think they're great. What do you think?

I have a big announcement on Saturday that I hope will get my fans excited. The plans are still being formulated, but it think it could be just what I need to liven things up. Want to know? Come back on Saturday!

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