Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What If ...? Part Four

Let's finish off my movie cast list (for now) with a few characters from Sources. I'll include most previous characters, but only include links for the new ones. You'll have to go here for the other links. Here we go!

Taela- Dakota Blue Richards
Logan- Aidan Turner
Ravis- Nicholas Hoult
Lienda- Peyton List
Zeld- Cate Blanchett
Malcolm- Mark Addy
Tobin- Donald Sumpter
Ayriel- Mackenzie Foy
Lord Upton- Robert Hardy
Royden- Max Charles
Shiva (voice)- Kate Winslet
Claus- Michael Sheen
Joah- Minnie Driver
Hobbs- Anthony Hopkins
Diom Cum- Michael Gambon
Brun'don- Malcolm McDowell
Mort'sen- David Tennant
Fin'bog- Hugh Laurie
Ghant-sha- Patrick Stewart
Adusa- Helen Mirren
Re'ner- Jude Law
Saris- Gemma Arterton

Did I miss anyone? Hope you've enjoyed these. I'll do this again when more of my books are published.

I've got five audio chapters of The Bride on soundcloud now. You can download them for free! I think they sound pretty good for an amateur.

My web comic is coming along nicely as well. I won't have my new website up this month like I thought, but I'll find another way to share it in the meantime, so stay tuned if you're interested.

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