Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dreamy Stuff

I'm one of those people who is often able to remember most if not all of the dreams I have after I wake up. Sometimes this is a bad thing, especially when my dreams include being chased by bears or dinosaurs or my teeth crumble in my mouth and fall out. (These happen more often than I'd like) But when I have a fun or interesting dream, I can pick bits and pieces from them and turn them into book ideas. Several of my ideas have formed this way. This past week I've been able to outline two new stories from dreams. I find it rather enjoyable. Here's a couple of hints.

One is about military training for teens, but with a secret agenda.

The other is about an alternate earth with nearly identical alternate selves for everyone. The main character's alternate self is determined to kill her.

Whether or not these ideas will result in actual books remains to be seen. Creating the outlines is fun too.

The ebook for Soulless is now enrolled in Kindle's Select program, which means it is only available on amazon. One of their promotional tactics is for me to choose five days during the next three months when it will be free to download. I will let you know when these free days will be. The first one or two will probably be in Feb.

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