Saturday, January 11, 2014

Internet: Is There Anything It Doesn't Know?

I'm like most people. I spend a good deal of time browsing the internet. Most of the time there is a purpose, but other times I find myself looking at . . . unique things. I frequent a site called where people upload videos, much like youtube, but these particular videos are always family friendly. There are usually 5-6 new videos a day. Some are funny, some inspirational, others just plain weird. These videos often lead me to seek out more information on whatever I might have just watched. For instance: there are quite a few TED videos (it's an ongoing series that features speakers on various subjects). This leads me to find other TED videos, because they are always interesting and fun. Yesterday I watched a video on a professional Hurdy Gurdy player. (here's a link if you're interested) I've heard the term before, but honestly didn't know what it was. It's kind of hard to explain. Let's say it's a crank powered stringed instrument from medieval times. I like medieval-inspired music, so I ventured to youtube to find more Hurdy Gurdy players. I spent a good twenty-thirty minutes clinking on videos. Now, I probably could have spent my time doing something useful, like the dishes, but even though listening to Hurdy Gurdy music seems like a waste of time, I was learning. I like to learn. The internet is a great tool for this. So, now I'm off to to watch more videos and hopefully learn something in the process. Dishes can wait.

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