Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #32

Have you heard of Hayao Miyazaki? He's a Japanese genius. More specifically, he makes animation movies with Studio Ghibli, which is pretty much Japan's version of Disney. In fact, the two companies often work together to produce the English versions. I adore his movies.

Today's Topic: My Favorite Miyazaki Movies

10. Princess Mononoke. The ending wasn't what I had hoped for, but the whole story is very good. A prince is cursed and must find a way to save himself. He meets San, a wild girl, who reluctantly helps him even though she hates humans for their disregard for nature.
9. Ponyo. A story about a fish girl who wants to see more of the human world. Very cute.
8. Tales From Earthsea. It's based on the books by Ursula Le Guin.
7. Whisper of the Heart. A girl falls in love with a boy who wants to make violins. Sweet love story.
6. Castle in the Sky. A strange girls wants to find out where she's from--a place called Laputa. With the help from a boy, they fly through the air to reach a floating island.
5. From Up on Poppy Hill. A young girl takes care of her family while her mother is away. Someone writes a poem about her. She and the author eventually become friends.
4. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Nausicaa is a princess who struggles to stop a neighboring kingdom who is trying to use an ancient weapon to kill mutant insects whom she has befriended.
3. The Secret World of Arrietty. It's adapted from the story The Borrowers.
2. Spirited Away. A young girl is transported to a fantasy world where she meets all sorts of strange people and creatures, including a dragon. Such a great movie.
1. Howl's Moving Castle. Based on the book by the same name. A young girl is cursed by a witch to look like an old woman. Hoping to break the curse, she searches for the infamous wizard, Howl. Love this movie!!

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  1. I've been interested in seeing some of these but have never known where to start. Thanks for a great list!