Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Jar

I spend a few minutes each day browsing through Pinterest. Okay, it's more than a few minutes. I collect recipes, pictures of things that interest me (including a whole board devoted to the geeky stuff I like), and DIY projects I hope to do someday. Yesterday I found something super easy that I actually got right up and made it. I call it my 2014 Memory Jar. The concept is simple. Have a jar somewhere handy and every time something memorable happens throughout the year, jot it down and put it in the jar. Then at the end of the year, go back and read them all! It'll be especially fun if family members do it secretly because you might write something no one else did and then everyone will have reminders of things they had forgotten. Now, I'm not too good at keeping up with new things, so by the end of the year there might only be a few memories in the jar, but I'm going to try. So far there are two in there. Now I just need to start doing fun things so I can add more!

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