Thursday, November 14, 2013

Plans to Try Something New

Since I started the self-publishing process, I've used both (which connects me to Barnes and Noble and iBookstore) and amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing. I've noticed that most of my sales are coming through amazon. Because of this, I've been thinking about using an option through KDP called KDP Select, which would require me to sell exclusively through amazon for 90 day increments. There are some great benefits that come with doing this, like higher royalties, the ability to let people borrow the ebook for free and still get paid, and other promotional incentives. Doing this also means I cannot sell/distribute that particular book anywhere else for that 90 day period, though that doesn't limit the print version. Does that make sense? With my next book, Soulless, I'm going to give this KDP Select a try. Before I enroll it, however, I'm thinking of making it available on my etsy shop during its first week of release so those of you who don't have Kindle can still have a chance to purchase it. My other books will not be involved and will still be available where they are now.

Speaking of Soulless, the cover reveal is nearly here! I know I've been kind of secretive about it, though I've given a hint or two along the way (here). The cover was, once again, designed by me. I know it's risky to do it myself since I'm not a professional cover maker, but I do consider myself to be an artist. And I enjoy doing it. Anyway, I hope you'll come back on Saturday for the reveal.

One more thing. I think some people might be reluctant to buy my Taela paperback from the createspace estore (where it's available now) but I want to make you aware, if you didn't already know, that createspace is owned by amazon. The only difference is that the createspace estore only sells books created by createspace. You can wait till it's available on the actual amazon sites if you want, but I just want you to know that createspace isn't just some third-party nobody. And if you wait, you might lose your chance to use the discount code (found in my previous post). Just saying.

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