Saturday, November 16, 2013

Soulless Cover Reveal!!

Are you excited?! I know I am! Now, the cover for the ebook and the cover for the paperback will be slightly different, mostly because of sizing. I'm posting the ebook cover for now. Hope you like it!

I took the photo and did some editing with some apps on my iPad. I love the way it turned out!

Here is the map that will be included in the paperback. It will also be on my blog's Soulless page. The link is located on the right.

And now for the blurb . . .

   Monsters exist, monsters who hunt for the one thing they lack. A soul. Though they were once human, they have no memory of who they were, no identity. They live without conscience or compassion. 
   All of them except one.  
   He is determined to fight against what he has become. But what happens when he finds a soul so bright, so pure, that he cannot resist? Will the monster within him win or will he become something he never thought possible? A great evil hides in the shadows and, Soulless or not, he might be the only one who can stop it. 

Any thoughts? Comments? I'd love to hear from you. 

In two weeks, on November 30, I will be adding a link that will let you read the prologue and chapter one for free. And then Dec. 7 is release day! Both the ebook and paperback are on schedule.

FYI, paperback Taela is now available on amazon!


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