Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Designs

Today I thought I'd try promoting something else I enjoy doing, which is t-shirt design. I have a little online shop with that features my designs for shirts and accessories. There's a link to the shop on the right side of my blog. For anyone who hasn't clicked on it to see what it's all about, I'm posting some of my designs here to give you a taste of what I have. Also, from now until September 17, you can get free standard shipping when you buy two or more items. Use code FALL2013. I believe this is only for US purchases.

I have a series of these called Grim's Days Off where I put a cute Grim Reaper in everyday situations that might happen when he's not gathering the souls of the dead.

I also have several cute animal designs, all in this simple style. Others include hippo, walrus, duck, T-Rex, turtle, flamingo, and a few more.

This is one of two dragon designs I've done. Still fairly simple, but I think it's cool.

If you can't tell, this says forever, with the letters mirroring each other from the center outward. I'm working on a couple others like this.

He's my favorite. This is Kuroshiro, the Samurai Penguin. I have a whole back story for him and I just might be using him in an upcoming writing project.

All the designs on my shop's website are for preselected shirts and accessories. If you like a design, but want it on something else, you can go HERE to pick one of my designs and then choose a product. Otherwise, go to my shop and take a look!

*all these designs belong to Kacie Taylor and should not be copied or used without permission.*

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