Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #15

This list is related to the one I did about my favorite genres of music (here). If you recall, I LOVE Enya. I could listen to her for hours. In fact, I've done that numerous times. It all started when I first heard Orinoco Flow on the radio many years ago. I fell in love with her melodies and exquisite harmonies. Each of her songs are magical. I often listen to her while I write. This list was very hard to make because of all the wonderful choices.

Today's Topic: My Favorite Enya Songs

10. To Go Beyond, from The Celts
9. Water Shows the Hidden Heart, from Amarantine
8. Watermark, from Watermark
7. The Celts, from The Celts
6. Only Time, from A Day Without Rain
5. Storms in Africa, from Watermark
4. Orinoco Flow, from Watermark
3. Caribbean Blue, from Shepherd Moons
2. Book of Days, from Shepherd Moons
1. The River Sings, from Amarantine

If you're looking for soft, soothing songs, you can't go wrong with Enya. Her album Paint the Sky With Stars is sort of a "best of" album. It has six of the ten songs on my list. Great stuff!


  1. I love Celtic music so I need to try some of these. Have you heard of Anuna? It's a fantastic Irish choral group. I've been listening to them since they first appeared in the original Riverdance show.

  2. I haven't heard of them, but I will be looking them up. Try Lunasa or Flook for great instrumental Celtic/Irish.