Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top Ten List #16

I enjoy cooking and consider myself to be a good cook. There are some foods I try to make from scratch, or at least as close to "from scratch" as I can. This list won't necessarily be in order of favorites, just a list of foods in general. Some come from recipes I got from my mom, others I've made up myself or found online. I also like to tweak recipes to fit my personal tastes.

Today's Topic: Foods I Make From Scratch

10. Tomato Sauce. I usually end up using canned tomatoes and tomato paste, but always my own blend of seasonings. I also like to puree other vegetables to add to the sauce. I've done carrots, zucchini, different kinds of squash, and broccoli.
9. Maple Syrup. I don't really like store bought syrup. It's too thick and has a strange after taste.
8. Naan bread. I have two versions. One with yeast, one with baking powder. Both are fairly easy and delicious.
7. Muffins. My favorite kind has whole wheat flour, oats, coconut, chocolate chips, and dried cranberries. I'm planning to make some later today.
6.Tortillas. Homemade tortillas have such a better taste than store bought. I wish I had a tortilla press, though.
5. Waffles. One of my favorite breakfast foods. With homemade syrup :)
4. Soup. Any kind. chicken noodle, clam chowder, vegetable beef, curry, Asian inspired, minestrone ...
3. Gravy. I have never used packaged gravy and never plan to. I used to use canned cream of chicken soup for certain gravies, but now I make my own using chicken stock, flour, cornstarch, and seasoning. So much healthier.
2. Chocolate pudding. So far I've only done the cornstarch version, but it tastes pretty good.
1. Cookies. I love cookies. There aren't many things that are better than  fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies.

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