Thursday, March 13, 2014

Funny Stuff

I haven't watched late night talk shows in years. As a teen and into my 20s, I watched Letterman pretty regularly. He was consistently funny, especially earlier on. I rarely watched Leno. The only thing about his show I liked was Headlines. Leno himself was never that clever or humorous in my opinion. Recently, just before Jimmy Fallon took over the Tonight Show, I started watching some of his Late Night clips on Hulu. His Late Night #Hashtags was always a riot and I enjoyed watching him play games with his guests. So when he moved to the Tonight Show, I decided to give him more of a try (again, on Hulu) and have found him to be quite amusing. The content is usually pretty clean. If I don't like something, I can fast forward through it. I rarely watch the music guests, mostly because my taste in music doesn't match what's popular nowadays. For the most part, I enjoy his show.

I'm so close to the end of Sources, though the part I'm at is giving me a bit of trouble. What I had planned isn't flowing the way I thought it would. Hopefully I'll still be about to finish by the end of this week! And feel free to email your name ideas for my Soulless Name Game anytime!! I'm eager to add to the list of possibilities!

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