Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #41

In previous lists, I've compiled my favorite Beatles' songs by singer. I looked over the lists and made another to determine my favorite songs overall. This list may change from time to time, depending on my mood or which album I'm listening to, but it's a pretty good representation.

Today's Topic: My Favorite Beatles Songs

10. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
9. Can't Buy Me Love
8. Do You Want To Know a Secret
7. I Want to Hold Your Hand
6. Blackbird
5. Taxman
4. Help!
3. Come Together
2. Act Naturally
1. I've Just Seen a Face

So, my plan to be done with Sources is still forthcoming, but I am soooo close. I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing. Just know that the extra time means I'm doing all I can to make it the best it can be. I will even put off doing housework to make it happen! We don't need clean dishes! :)

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