Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #42

I've established the fact that I watch a lot of Netflix. If this is news to you, you must be new here (welcome, by the way). One show that I adore is The Office, and luckily all 9 seasons are on Netflix. Since getting Netflix about 2 or 3 years ago, I've gone through the entire series at least 4 times. I guess I'm not sure this is something I should be admitting. Anyway, one of my favorite things about the show are the Jim/Dwight pranks. There's one to enjoy in almost every episode. I also like how those two crazy guys actually become friends by the end of the series. And the way was paved by pranks.

Today's Topic: Best Jim/Dwight Pranks **Spoilers**

10. Jim moves Dwight's desk, making him play "hot or cold" to find it. Where could it be? The bathroom, of course. His phone is ringing and when he answers it, it's Jim asking a paper related question to which Dwight takes a seat and answers as if it's just a typical morning. (Season 2, The Fight)
9. Dwight believes he's been recruited to the CIA. This one was started by Pam as a Christmas present for Jim, which he eventually finishes off by texting Dwight that his cover has been blown and he must get rid of his cell phone. He throws it off the roof where's he's been waiting for a CIA helicopter. (Season 3, A Benihana Christmas)
8. When Jim is working at another branch, he occasionally faxes notes to Dwight using Dwight's personal stationary pretending to be Dwight from the future. Of course, Dwight believes it. (Season 3 Branch Closing)
7. While at Benihana with some of the guys, Dwight is forced to sit away from the others. He can't hear their conversation, so when he asks Jim what they're talking about, Jim says the waitress can't remember how to butcher a goose. Dwight proceeds to tell her, quite loudly, the proper procedure. (Season 3 A Benihana Christmas)
6. When Dwight walks into work, an Asian guy is sitting at Jim's desk. Dwight demands to know who he is. Guy claims to be Jim. He knows Jim's phone code, has a picture of himself with Pam and their baby on his desk (Pam is in on it). Dwight's eyes widen as he wonders if this guy has been Jim all along. (Season 9 Andy's Ancestry)
5. Jim has dressed up like Dwight and starts talking the same way and about the things Dwight would. Beets, bears, Battlestar Galactica. (Season 3 Product Recall)
4. The company has a new website to help sell paper. Dwight is annoyed, claiming he can sell more than a computer. Jim and Pam send him instant messages, claiming to be the new website which has suddenly become self-aware. Dwight and the website compete for the day, with Dwight being victorious. (Season 4 Launch Party)
3. A bat is found in the office. While Dwight tries to capture it, Jim pretends to have been bitten and is slowly taking on the characteristics of a vampire, convincing Dwight that it could be true. (Season 3 Business School)
2. Andy uses Dwight's beet farm as the setting for his garden party. To make sure it is a success, Dwight buys a How To book from amazon, which gives him all sorts of crazy things to do as host. The book was written by Jim. (Season 8 Garden Party)
1. Dwight has been made Honorary Security Advisor for the building. He decides to issue ID badges to the office workers. His own badge is made by Jim, who makes the badge huge and changes Dwight's middle name from Kurt to Fart. (Season 2 Conflict Resolution)

There are tons of other funny pranks. I'll probably start watching the series again in a couple of months.

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