Thursday, April 10, 2014

It Finally Feels Like Spring!

After a cold, harsh winter for most of the States, it's nice to finally have some warmer weather here in Utah. Spring is one of those seasons that likes to play peekaboo, showing up for a day or two and then hiding as winter bullies its way back here and there. And then suddenly summer shows up. Hubby and I are hoping for a continuation of the cooler days for a little while longer because our air conditioning is busted and we can't fix it just yet. This unfortunate situation started last summer and, let me tell you, it was miserable. I probably mentioned it in a previous post. But, we're expecting some extra money in the next week or so and some of it will go to blessed A/C.

My tweaking of Sources is going well, if a bit on the slow side. My goal is to hand it off to my editor by the end of next week. Once that step is reached, I'll be planning the cover reveal, free chapter samples, and a giveaway. If you haven't read Taela, the first book in the series, get going now! You can find info on the reduced prices in my last post. Please utilize to get it for free. I'll gladly take a hit in royalties if it means more people will read it! And don't forget about the Name Game for Soulless. Oh, and reviews!

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