Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #44

Konnichiwa! My husband took Japanese in high school. (He watches a lot of anime. I also watch, but not as much as he does.) He told me yesterday that he'd like to brush up on his Japanese and I told him we should learn together. I've never really learned a foreign language, even though I took Spanish in Jr. High. I didn't retain much. I know trying to learn a new language as an adult is much harder than it is for children, but it will be fun to try. It will also help when we visit Japan sometime in the future.

Today's Topic: Foreign Languages I'd like to Learn (at least enough to survive in its respective country)

10. Russian
9. Mandarin
8. Korean
7. German
6. French
5. Spanish
4. Italian
3. ASL. I know it's not really a foreign language, but it's foreign to me.
2. Gaelic
1. Japanese

I thought about adding Tolkien elvish to the list, but since it wouldn't be applicable to everyday life, I left it off. It would still be cool to learn some.

I wanted to thank all of my new Facebook followers. I'm at 82 likes right now. There's plenty of time to reach 100. I'm pretty confident that the giveaway will happen. Also, for anyone new to the scene, my ebook prices have been lowered. You can check here for more info. Also, for anyone who has read Soulless, my Name Game is still happening. I had a concern about the email address I put up for the entries. If it isn't working for some reason, you can also use kaciestuff@outlook.com. Same rules for entry apply.

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