Thursday, April 24, 2014

Winning Stuff

I've never won anything. I enter stuff all the time: sweepstakes (usually involving Disneyland), giveaways, contests, etc. It's fun to do, but would be much more fun if I won a little something. I'm waiting for the day when Publishers Clearing House knocks on my door...

The only thing that comes close is when my mom won a trip for four to Disneyland a couple of years ago and she and my dad invited my hubby and me! We got to stay in a DL resort hotel, got 3 day park hoppers, and $1,000 gift card for food and souvenirs. Way cool. And it was in December, so holiday decor. I'm curious about the coolest, or lamest, thing any of you have won. Post a comment!

Sorry to keep harping about my Name Game, but my current list is kinda short. Could it be you keep forgetting to send your email of awesome names? If you did send something and haven't gotten a reply, maybe it didn't go through? (I always check my spam folder, just in case. Please try again!) Or you're having a hard time coming up with some names, or even one? No worries! It's all in good fun. Something I like to do is think of a name that already exists and then change a letter or two until it becomes something unique. I could easily come up with a name for the Soulless character, but I really would like it to come from you, the Readers! I've been trying to think of a super prize to offer the winner. Something liked signed paperbacks or a gift card of some sort. Any other thoughts? If you were the winner what would you want? (Within reason. I am poor.)

A reminder for the entry process: email to, Name Game in the subject line, name ideas in the body. I will reply with a question to make sure you actually read the book (the question will be easy). If you're correct, your ideas go into the running. At some point I will post my top favorites here on my blog for everyone to vote on. Winner gets a prize. Easy peasy!

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