Thursday, August 14, 2014

Harder Than I Thought

Remember a while ago when I said I wanted to try creating an audio version of my books all by my little self? (Here) Well, I decided to give it a whirl yesterday, starting with The Bride. Um... It's not easy. I know my books pretty well, but I messed up even the simplest words. I've also mentioned I'm not a pro orator. That's an understatement. I'm convinced there's something between my brain and my mouth that makes it hard for me to speak coherently at times, usually when I'm nervous or around people I don't know, or people in general. I'm no doctor person, but I wouldn't be surprised if my brain was somewhat abnormal. Anyhoo, I'll keep trying. I plan to upload one chapter at a time, so if I can make it through one chapter without blundering majorly, we'll be in business! I found some editing software that will help as well. Once the first one is ready, I'll post a link to the website I've created solely for these audio files. You'll be able to listen, download, and share them for free, as long as they're not altered in any way. Not sure how they'll work on mobile devices, but I'll worry about that later. Happy reading!

Don't forget that the first quote in my Quote Game will be on Facebook tomorrow at 6 pm Mountain time.

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