Saturday, July 20, 2013

ABC Books "F"

I've been looking forward to letter "F" for a while. It includes two books I read in third grade that made me fall in love with fantasy. Actually, the made me fall in love with reading in general.

The Fairy Rebel- Lynne Reid Banks. This is such a sweet little story! It's about a lady, Jan, who wants a baby but she and her husband haven't been able to have one. She meets Tiki, a spunky fairy who isn't supposed to interact with humans. Well, Tiki helps Jan get her wish and both must contend with the angry Fairy Queen.

The Farthest-Away Mountain- Lynne Reid Banks. Same author, another fun story. Dakin is a girl who wishes for two things--to visit the farthest-away mountain and to marry a prince. She sets out to tackle the first, meeting fun and scary creatures along the way. Now she just needs to find that prince!

Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury. I read this for one of my English classes in high school, not very confident that I would like it, but I did. It's more than a surreal, disturbing future where books are forbidden. It's society's complacency for mindless media instead of truth and knowledge. Makes me want to read more books instead of watching so much TV.

Make sure you come back Monday for the link to an excerpt from my upcoming book, Taela!

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