Monday, July 15, 2013

The Next Big Thing!

I briefly mentioned my next book project here and have more news on the matter. My editor finished her part and I'm currently fixing it up real nice. I hope to be done in the next few days. The projected release date for Taela: Book One of The Vessel, is early August. A lot of it depends on the cover art. I've chosen to do my own cover art for two reasons: 1) I am very poor and it costs nothing for me to do it, 2) my love of art is second to my love of writing. Hopefully my creations in both areas will help me reach the success I dream of.

Here's a little taste of Taela:

A little adventure was all Taela wanted to relieve some of the predictability of her life. When she heard a rumor that the king's city would be attacked, she set out to investigate, bringing her sister along with her. But things did not go as she had hoped. Her sister was captured and in order to attempt a rescue, Taela had to reveal a closely guarded secret of her own. She was quickly learning that her life was about to become anything but predictable.

I'm pretty thrilled about this book! Stay tuned for more teasers and the cover art reveal!

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