Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #11

Music is awesome. No matter what I'm doing, I usually have something playing in the background. I have a wide, and perhaps unusual, range of favorite genres. I may give examples for some so you can check them out on YouTube or something.

Today's Topic: Favorite Genres of Music

10. Polka. The sound of an accordion and tuba make me giddy. It's just happy music.
9. Bluegrass. Just instrumental. Banjos and mandolins rock! Tony Rice is a great example.
8. Hymns. I'm a very religious person and this music is essential. See Alex Boye's I Will Rise. Fun side note. My brother-in-law is in this video.
7. 80's pop. Tears for Fears, Bangles, Michael Jackson...
6. Yodeling. Yes, yodeling. Mostly German, though I don't understand a word. It goes well with polka. I own a CD called Yodeling Songs of the Alps. De Gumpesel is awesome.
5. Classic Rock. Boston, Journey, Queen, Pink Floyd.
4. New Age. 2002, David Lanz, E.S. Posthumus
3. Classical. Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Verdi, Vivaldi... I could go on.
2. Oldies. From the 60's, even though Oldies stations are now playing 80's songs. The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, The Everly Brothers, Beach Boys
1. Irish/Celtic. My absolute favorite of all time is Enya. She could sing a phone book and I'd be enthralled. Also Lunasa, Flook, and The Chieftains

There you go! My strange variety of favorites. I dare you to listen to De Gumpesel right now. I actually found it on YouTube. Here's the link. It's at about 2:05.

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  1. Enya is the greatest singer/songwriter of all time. :)